Kimberly S.

12-22-2016, 10:11 am

I feel very fortunate to have met Stephanie. She's a very kind and intuitive person whose
immense knowledge and experience of the intuitive arts and the effects of the energy shifts
happening on the earth, make her a very special healer.
I met Stephanie at the Intuitive Wellness Center and after seeing her knowledge and varied
experience, I asked her to look at her cold laser light. While in her office, she could feel my
energy drop (and yes, that was what I was feeling) so we tried a mini-Access Bars session and
that raised my energy and also held my energy in place. Not long after, I took one of her
"Navigating the Energy Shift" classes. Stephanie did immense research from varied sources on
the subject and distributed a very informative & practical handout on the subject that I still refer
to this day.
I reached out to her when my Mom came to town. I knew Stephanie would be the right person to
treat my mom's facial scars with the cold laser light. Besides her knowledge & experience with
what the cold laser light could do, Stephanie is very familiar with health, nutrition, the affects of
aging, care taking (she still cares for her mother) and energy work so she can easily converse
about any subject as she performs any laser light work or other of the modalities she knows how
to make anyone around her comfortable. She's also so youthful in appearance so you believe
she "walks the talk" and just comes across as such a genuine person.
I highly recommend Stephanie Courtney's practice(s). Whether she's sharing information or
practicing one of her energy modalities, be assured that you have come across a very
experienced and informative healer who is willing to work with you and your needs. Do not be
surprised if you find yourself "youth-ing" after your experience(s) with her. She is just rubbing off
some of her wonderful energy on you :)

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