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Many years ago I discovered the power of vibrational therapy.

It is a new day! I no longer tell my “story” because I realize now that anything that has happened to us in the past is just that! It is in the past. Wellness is achieved by learning to live in the present moment, and to do that successfully we must let go of the past. Clinging to our “history” keeps us stuck there, and in order to move forward we must clear away the things that are holding us back. I am aware of the human body’s amazing capability to reset and recover itself after any sort of trauma, under the right conditions. I am aware that as beings, we are a symphony of vibrations. Everything we are exposed to affects our delicate balance of optimal function. Our water, food, words, thoughts, ideas, emotions, sounds, and chemicals all have vibrations that impact the state of “wellness” in our physical bodies, and our life experience in total.

We can “choose” wellness by understanding and implementing practices that clear and balance the vibrational health of the body. The end result is a wonderful space where our bodies can reset, rebuild and and heal themselves on all levels. When our “being” is balanced we have the circumstance to choose an entirely new life experience if we want. In my practice working with energy and vibration I have discovered powerful and effective ways to clear and balance the systems of the body. I am a listener and an observer. I work from my heart space to discern what I am experiencing vibrationally in myself and others, and I share ways to enable others to do the same. All of the energy modalities I use promote wellness in this capacity.

My Experience

My experience and services include body clearing, pain relief, relaxation, stress reduction, vitality, anti-aging and body balancing techniques.

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If you have any questions about me, my experience, or my process, please feel free to contact me and I will respond to your query as soon as possible.

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